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Introducing the SuperDog – What it can do will Amaze You!

Dogs are man’s best friend.  Moreover, they are considered as one of most intelligent animals in the world. Of course the second claim needs a proof especially to those who are skeptical on such things. If you are the one being asked, would you believe it? Probably not? But wait until you see this video […]

The Assassin’s Creed Unity You Wish You can Play – What is it?

What if you are given the chance to play a version of Assassin’s Creed Unity that you haven’t seen done in any of the previous game titles released before? What would you do? Will play it or not? Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the most anticipated game this year. As a gamer who loves […]

Poop on a Lamborghini Almost Killed Someone – What went Wrong?

If you have a Lamborghini sports car, how will you react if you find a poop on its hood? I am pretty sure you will not be happy and probably you will be enrage with it. Let me tell you a story about two friends who decided to a  take revenge to somebody who cut […]

Not an Ordinary 5 Year Old – What makes her Special?

Are you a fan of combat sports? Have you seen a boxing match where someone gets knocked out by his opponent with just a single blow to the jaw? If you have not, then this video is probably the one that will give you an idea. The child in the video is a 5 year-old […]

An Uneducated Kid is Better than You – Find out why?

The world is unfair, they say, because somewhere, somehow, there is that one guy that will always be better than you. No matter what you do. This one right there is a concrete example of that. This kid’s name is Ravi Chekaliya, 16-year-old who is known for understanding and speaking 10 foreign languages including English, French, […]

Awesome Smartphone Unboxing iPhone 6 Users Can Only Watch

Electronic devices, nowadays, are getting enormous attention — it can be a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a smartwatch, or perhaps a camera. With so many brands competing like Apple, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, and so much more, consumers are bombarded with the dilemma of which to choose. Thus, a so called “unboxing” is […]

Tattoo Session in Slow Motion will Blow your Mind!

We all know what is a tattoo right?  But do you have any idea how it is made? How an ink stick into a man’s skin with the use of a needle? Today, we will be taking a close up look of a tattoo session in a special way to find out things that our […]

How a Fat Guy Dated Hot Chicks? – Tips and Tricks Revealed

Are you fat and having trouble finding a partner? Do you want to lose fat easily and have a sexy body, the kind that you are dreaming of? Unfortunately, the video above will not help you achieve a sexy body. The good news, however, is that it will show you some of the simple things […]

What a State Trooper did to a Civilian Driver will Blow your Mind!

A South Carolina state trooper by the name Sean Groubert was caught on an onboard camera shooting Levar Jones after pulling him over for what is an apparent seatbelt violation. The officer asked Jones to hand over his driver’s license, unfortunately the former shot the latter a couple of times. The possible reason behind such thing […]

Ultimate iPhone 6 Bend Test – Results Will Surprise You!

Apple has been in the hot seat lately with reports from users of iPhone 6 Plus apparently bending from what their pockets. The topic #bendgate has been trending and with that people are curious as to whether the iPhone 6 also suffers the same fate as its older sibling.  With so many questions in mind, […]