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Justin Bieber Beaten to Death by Floyd Mayweather in Boxing

Justin Bieber is one of the most popular popstar of this generation. He is also one of those celebrities who has the most haters online. Well, I can’t really blame the public for doing it. He has this antics and things that he has done that are ruining his career. The most recent in the […]

Warning: Stupidity Kills, Don’t Go Full Retard!

Driving a car is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of discipline, knowledge, and the most important thing that everyone should have is the common sense and logic. Well, if you have those quality then I can guarantee you that you won’t be meeting any road accident while  driving anytime soon […]

Grandpa Knock Down a Young MMA Fighter – Don’t Mess with this Guy!

Boxing is a combat sport that sometimes can lead to someone’s injury or even death. This is a sport where physique and technique matters. That is why this is mostly dominated and performed professionally by those people at the early stage of adulthood towards their early 30s. However, there are those exception to the rule. […]

App that Can Solve Math Problems in a Click – Must Download!

Most of us attend school and probably we can all agree that majority of us do not like having to deal with Mathematics as a subject. The mere reason behind this because it is somewhat hard for us to really master it, despite it being an exact science. I also do not want the idea […]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron – The Movie You Should Not Miss!

Marvel is one of those several companies that are highly recognized when it comes to its  movie productions. Most of us watch their movies and the excitement does not stop! Why? Well, you will be excited to hear the news that there will be a new movie coming up and it is going to be […]

Star Wars Like Racing at its Finest – Fun Level 99999

Racing is one of the most exciting sports that is known to man — may it be on land, on water, on air or just anything and any place you can’t think of having to do so. Well, if you personally prefer racing on air but does not really have the money to buy such […]

Ping Pong Playing Cat Level 9999 – Watch and Learn

Ping Pong, otherwise known as  table tennis,  is a relatively popular sport. Although not as popular as its bigger version, that is the lawn tennis. Still it is widely being played around the world and it has its own spot when it comes to sporting events like the Olympics. There are so many things to […]

The Coolest Sound in the Internet – Watch and Listen!

Exploring nature is one of the best way to discover cool things. This earth that we have is a vast place to travel and every minute section of it has something unique to offer. That is why travel enthusiast really wants to visit the best places with the best things to offer. Alaska is one […]

Reason why Girls Should NEVER Drive a Ferrari – Too Much Pain in a Video

Supercars as the name suggest is not your ordinary car. The word “SUPER” is there for a reason. These cars have amazing speed and its powers are more than the usual required in the street and more often that not the speed can easily kill someone if not driven properly. Ferrari is one the top […]

New Dragon Ball Z Game You Should Play

Almost everyone knows about Dragon Ball Z, who does not right? This anime has conquered the world since the 90s and it still continues to do so. We watched it shown repeatedly over our favorite cartoon channel. We have played it on our favorite console. We have read the story on comic-like manga scans. We […]