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Little Girl with a Jaw Dropping Moves – Skill Level 9999

Dancing is one of the oldest form of art known to man. It has survive the test of time. It has evolve and has risen into different forms and interpretations. Dancing also is considered a good form of exercise. It has a lot of benefits to the body including strengthening the musculoskeletal as well as […]

Brutal Chainsaw Killing Caught on Cam – Must Watch!

Thousands and thousands of people die everyday. It is an undeniable fact. Part of this are the ones not caused by disease but those who are murdered or killed by someone. It is horrifying seeing everyday in the news about people getting killed. That is why news like this are censored so as to protect […]

The Band War – US vs Korea – Who Wins?

Serving in the Army, Marine, Navy or in the national defense in general is not just about training with deadly weapons. You will be surprised that some of these men do actually train to entertain. This includes showcasing singing talents, dancing, and being in a musical band. The following video will show us how two […]

7 Year Old Drummer Skill Level 99999 – Shut Up and Watch!

Playing the drums does not seem to be that hard compared to other instruments right? Hmmm.. Probably but it is still considerably hard to master and it takes some innate talent to be really great at it. It is not just about hitting the drum heads, it is about the beat, the harmony, the rhythm. […]

Street Artist Talent Level 9999 — What he created is Stunning!

For some people, art is an act of extreme patience. Certain master’s works can take months and even years to finish. There are some other artists who seem to found ways to streamline the entire process down from Weeks to days, from days to hours, and finally, from hours to minutes.Take, for example, this street […]

24 Mind Blowing Costumes you should use in a Halloween Party!

Great value Halloween costumes and accessories for all the family in one place! Whether you’re going trick or treating or to a Halloween party, find the perfect costume in our range of popular themes, including zombies, witches, vampires, ghosts and skeletons. Or browse our huge selection for something deadly different this Halloween! Watch the most […]

Epic Alien Invasion Prank Level 9999 — Must Watch!

This is a video of two guys pranking their friend into thinking he’s being abducted by aliens in the middle of the night. His reaction is authentic. Like, he genuinely thinks there are aliens in his room to probe him and take him away. The whole thing brought me great joy. I only wish they’d […]

New Self-Driving Car Is The Supercar That Every Man Dreams Of

Tesla Motors has priced its new plug-in performance sedan — heck, it’s really an electric muscle car — at $122,090, including destination fees but before tax incentives. Even though the car looks identical to any other Model S from the outside, its dual electric motor, all-wheel-drive system will make it one of the most powerful […]

Hawk vs Drone Aerial Fight – Who wins?

Drones have it kind of tough nowadays. Not only do people think drones flying around are annoying (or worse), camera-toting remote-controlled gizmos often find themselves attacked by planes, sharks and, now, hawks. The drone in the above video, owned by Christopher Schmidt, is just minding its business flying around the skies above Magazine Beach Park […]

What Happens when a Guy Eats a Cactus — Stupidity Level 9999?

Every once in a while, we can see from the news of an individual doing things which we can consider ridiculous. Watch as this guy try to munch a cactus after he declares himself to be hungry. Let me remind you guys that this video should not be replicated in anyway by those watching it. […]