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Not your Typical Juggling? How is it done?

There’s juggling and then there’s contact juggling, an ancient art form that is trending again now in which an artist attempts to create the illusion that an object they are holding is seemingly not being supported by their hands. This kid has some serious talent as he juggles a glass orb. Mesmerizing! Source: Share […]

What Happens when you Knock this Door will Freak you Out!

It doesn’t really matter where you live in the world, it seems everyone hates being bothered at home by an unexpected solicitor trying to sell you something. Realizing this, New Zealand energy company Energy Online made this hilarious prank video in which solicitors are scared off by a very alive door knocker that yells at […]

Cute Baby vs Candle – The Winner is?

A baby’s first birthday is exciting for the parents and grandparents, but the baby really isn’t aware of what’s going on. The second birthday is really a lot more fun for everyone as the toddler finally has some grasp of reality. Ashleigh Williamson and her husband gave her cute son a cupcake with a candle […]

What Happens when a Plane Lands on a Busy Street?

Now that cameras are so prevalent everywhere these days, more and more unique and otherwise ridiculous random scenes are being captured on film. That’s exactly what happened to one driver in Orange county California. While waiting at a red light, their dash camera recorded a small two seater plane landing on Red Hill Avenue in […]

No Internet – No PROBLEM — HACKING at its BEST

Besides for North Korea, until recently Cuba was one of the most secluded places on Earth. But now that the president has renewed relations with the tiny island, they are slowly rejoining the rest of the world. Things are still very different there. When we want to listen to a new song or watch TV, […]

What Happens when A Squirrel Turns out to be Burglar?

Just yesterday, the Internet exploded when a subway commuter captured a large rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs in New York City. Now, The Watercooler reports that there are other rodents taking part in this trend of eating human food. A squirrel in Madison Square Park found a delicious milkshake from Shake […]

Google’s Deep Dream Messing Up a Grocery Store?

It seems the world’s most popular search engine is always cooking up something strange and weird these days. Their latest outrageous project in called Deep Dream in which they have taught computers to modify pictures and videos to make them appear totally tripped out. Pouff took some boring footage of the grocery and using Deep […]


This just might be the rarest field goal score ever. A Midland Lee high school football kicker in Texas seemingly accidentally kicked the ball much too low to score a field goal. But incredibly, one of the referees was standing right in the path of the ball which bounced off his head and scored a […]

A Girl Drinks PEPSI… What happens next will Surprise You?

It might not be good for us, but most of us have been drinking Pepsi and Coke our entire lives. But apparently Mario R.’s girlfriend, who is allergic to caffeine, only just realized that Pepsi sells a caffeine free version of their world famous cola. After tasting it for the first time, she began to […]

The Driving Baby or the Future Hip Hop Artist?

These days, kids are growing up with technology all around them. It’s no surprise many kids are learning how to use an iPad or computer before they can even talk. This cute baby can barely stand up on his own, but he that doesn’t stop him from turning the car radio way up! Crank it! […]