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Coca Cola + Propane = ??

Coca Cola has been a favorite for homemade experiments for ages. Ukrainian DIY nerds Kreosan demonstrate how to make a sweet bottle rocket with a 20 oz bottle of Coke and some lighter fluid. After filling the bottle with propane gas and quickly flipping it over, the gases react and launch the bottle straight up! […]

How to make Cards Float? Watch & Learn

Most people think that shuffling with style is really all there is to do with playing cards. Not anymore. Zach Mueller is a master in the art of cardistry. At a few points in this video, it really appears that the cards are floating! Source: Share This:

Shooting Star Captured on Broad Daylight..? HolySH**

Seeing a fiery meteor fall out of the sky is rare enough. But Porjai Jaturongkhakun somehow managed to captured the event on camera. While driving down the road in Nonthaburi, Thailand, his dash camera recorded the moment when a flaming meteor fell out of the sky. This video has instantly gone viral with over 2.5 […]

Go Pro Fail Made it to a Commercial? What?

Helmet camera footage from bikers traversing difficult terrains is always heart-racing and exciting. But what about the footage you don’t see when the biker has a serious fall? As there are so many sports-themed GoPro commercials featuring stunning perspectives, XeteraCX thought it would be fun to take this helmet-camera video of a biker having a […]

Bride & Groom Spell Bounding Dance? Watch it now!

Remember a few days ago when Justin and Jill Willman went viral with their hilarious drunk story of how they met? Now, this new video from their wedding has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million hits already! The two performed a gorgeous dance to the classic hit song I Put a Spell on You. […]

Humpback Whale vs Kayakers!! Must Watch

Seeing a whale jump out and breach from the ocean is always a special event to see in real life. Guests of the whale tour Sanctuary Cruises were lucky enough to see a full size humpback whale breach right in front of them. But shockingly, the whale jumped right on top of two kayakers! Thankfully […]

How to Make $1500 Sandwich? Learn Now!

Andy George was in the mood for sandwich. But not just any sandwich. He wanted one that was truly homemade from scratch. So he got salt from the ocean, grew his own vegetables, harvested wheat and processed it into flour, and butchered a chicken. It only took him six months and he ended up with […]