Yucky Acts In Public Which Will Make People Feel Like Puking

There are individuals who carry out nasty acts so perfectly that could embarrassed themselves in front of may people. There are certain thins that we thought it’s normal yet it brings us shame to the public. If you are one of these individuals, then please be reminded that many people are horrifies by these act of disgrace. Here are some of the things you must avoid doing especially in public places or else you will be put to shame.


People turn behind to see where did the smell and the noise come from. Although this process is a kind of irreversible but it indeed is gross.

Pulling back the underpants

When you sitting for a longer time, sometimes your underpants get stuck between you butts. Do you have to pull them back in public? Seriously? There are washrooms, hold on to your discomfort situation for while and pull them out there. This is yuck!

Scratching private body parts

You think no one is watching? Well, most of the time when you are uncomfortable and you try to sneak your hand so artistically inside your pants, you are least aware that you are being watched at least by someone and you can feel their wrinkling face. I find it on the top of the yucky things list, what do you think?

Nose picking

When you see someone picking their nose in public, you feel disgusting as well as awkward. Are you kidding me, how can you stick your finger in your nose? That too in public?

Finger licking good

Ok. The food is damn tasty, but it is really embarrassing to soil both your hand and let the food drip from the corners of your mouth. Please never ever lick your fingers while eating, it is gross to see people eat like this.

Peeing in public

An emergency? So you decide to empty yourself in an isolated yet a public place and suddenly people swarm there. Why do you this? Putting yourself as well as others to shame.


At a restaurant you feel something bugging your teeth, a toothpick is the first idea. What about digging it in your mouth while sitting there itself and then analyzing what came out? Some people need to realise that such yucky things are not meant to be done in public. Do you see how mortifying it is, when someone sees you doing this?


There are people driving behind you  dude! Just poking your face out of the window and spitting . It comes wavering through the window towards another car. Another act of disgust. This one of the prominent yucky things done in India.


When people cannot get a room and start their intimate moves in public, it becomes an eyesore for the people decent enough never to do it publicly. We must think that these yucky things can embarrass other people, if not you. What is the problem with you?  Wait till you can go home!


A sneeze is a random natural phenomenon, but where does the not covering your face come from? You end up spitting saliva in somebody’s face. Sneezing right on someone’s face is probably the most common disgusting thing on the yucky things list. Have basic public etiquette.


You cannot restrict yourself from vomiting, but if you know you get such sensations, carry some plastic bag. What is the point of vomiting in a running bus, the tiny bits pass on to the person seated behind you? Please try to understand you do not live alone in this world!

Smelling your armpits

Sweating is very normal, no issues. Smelling your sweat in a public place can be a disgusting idea. Keep yourself with a deodorant if you tend to perspire a lot. But don’t ever try to smell, what others smell of you. Never ever!


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